“Meg” The Giant Hosta: Tourist Attraction in Ottawa, Canada

Hostas, Plants

Meg f/k/a Mega (1/40 F/22 ISO 250)

The gardener started calling the giant hosta “Mega”; the name was later shortened to “Meg.” She grew up under a regularly overflowing eavestrough, mostly because it had not been properly emptied.

Centrepiece Garden Design (1/500 F/4 ISO 100)

Meg got so big, she became the star attraction, so she was moved to the centre of my front garden, officially its centrepiece.

View from Second Floor (1/5 F/36 ISO 100)

Large Leaf (1/40 F/22 ISO 100)

One visitor was so affected by Meg’s size, she wanted to get her picture taken with it like a tourist attraction.

Giant Hosta’s White Flowers (1/60 F/22 ISO 100)

(1/125, f/13, ISO 500)

(1/3200, f/2.8, ISO 100)

Closeup of Giant Hosta Leaf (1/60 F/22 ISO 100)

Giant Hosta Leaf with Water Drops (1/800 F/2.8 ISO 3200)

Bee on Leaf for Scale (1/800 F/5.6 ISO 125)

May 19, 2017

May 26, 2017 (1/800 F/2.8 ISO 5000)

For the record, I have no idea exactly which big, bold, and beautiful hosta this is; the previous owners bought it.